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Check it out. This journal didn't delete yet..I'm surprised! i miss you girls ^_^

life for me is good. i shall update when im not so sleepy. me and nikki are trying to findd something right now..

remember: "take your time, the world will wait."

so far

incredibly busy.


volunteer/internship in public health
be more organized (virtual + hard copy)
maintain/build relationships w/  friends and family
read for fun + news


"study hard, finish strong!"

Next week

is the last week that I get to act as a caregiver for the 4-5 year olds at the preschool near campus. I was hugging my favorite kid today and he looked at me told me I was him mom and best friend. Ahh, soo cute!

Adrian. He is really special to me because he is on the spectrum for autism, but is so highly functioning that you can't even tell. The only thing is that he can get stuck on an activity and you have to help him move past it. Another thing about him is that he's the only kid in the classroom that memorized all of the student caregiver names. Most of the children just call us teacher. He even looks around the classroom to say hi to those who are there or mention if one of us is absent every day.

He's really made an impact on me. I'm going to miss him.

i reallly like

Philosophy now. I just wrote a paper on a deductively valid argument and it makes an awful lot of sense. I went to a formal this weekend and had a great time but I really don't ever feel that I can be a sorority sister or little sis. ..like ever ever.

I'm about to buy another camera on black friday. My friend works at frys so he's ganna hook it up. I'm kinda excited but kinda like do I need another camera? My casio still works but I dropped it and now the screen is white. You can still take pictures but its just not centered all the time that's all. Decisions, decisions...

Happy Birthday Diane!!!

i dont like philosophy

not very much.

ring ring

I read something in my book yesterday about how this organization gives awards to scientists that have invented or conducted experiements that should never be repeated. There was this one guy that made an alarm clock that rings and gets up, runs, and hides while running. This woud ensure that the person sleeping would have to get up and find it in order to turn it off.

I laughed for a while after thinking about that. aha still amusing.



I was so proud to vote yesterday. I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "Obama's ganna paint the white house black." LOL

Glad the chickens can get up and walk around now but it's sad that California will probably be out-competed in the egg market. Now, if we all agree to only buy Californian eggs, this might work.

Also glad to so that the numbers of people supporting gay marriage has gone up compared to 62% that was against it before. With a little more time we should get there. It's sad we're not there yet.

Slowly but surely.



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